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Keep your A/C in top working shape through regular maintenance. Neglect and a lack of service can cause a drop in the fuel economy of your car, using 20% more fuel in highway driving. The A/C system also loses about 5% of its performance on a year to year basis, when not serviced. Our licensed technicians can diagnose and effectively repair all problems so that you can drive in comfort, without wasting fuel!

There could be numerous issues with the A/C of your car. It may simply need the refrigerant recharged or one of the belts could have become loose, leading to loss in performance. Some other issues may be due to the ventilation fan malfunctioning, clogged expansion tubes or problems to the compressor, evaporator or condenser.

The team at Bustard Chrysler Listowel is fully prepared and ready to tackle all your A/C problems and issues! While your vehicle is at the dealership, our staff will perform a complimentary check to ensure all components and parts are in proper working order!

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Vehicle Air Conditioning

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