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Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure Monitoring Bustard Listowel Ontario

Have you ever seen this warning light on your dashboard?

It's the Tire Pressure Warning Light, and it's meant to alert you of low pressure in one of more of your tires!

In most cases the alert comes on when the pressure in the tire(s) has fallen 25% below the manufacturer recommended PSI. If the Tire Pressure Light does come on, inspect all tires and adjust the inflation level to to the recommended PSI as indicated by the sticker on the driver's side door jam. If the light continues to stay on, take your car to an authorized service center immediately.

Tires should be kept at the recommended inflation level to ensure safe vehicle operation, complaint dry and wet handling as well as to ensure increased fuel efficiency and tire life. It is vital to inspect tires frequently and adjust pressure accordingly.

What to do when your Low Pressure Indicator comes on:

1. Stop and check your tires as soon as it is safe to do so

2. If a tire is flat, or the pressure is too low to continue driving, replace the tire with the provided spare or call for roadside assistance. Note; TPMS does not monitor spare tire pressure. Make sure to inspect your spare before using.

3. If you can safely drive a short distance to the nearest service station, proceed cautiously.

4. Inflate all tires to the recommended pressure, as indicated on the driver's doorjam. The Low Pressure Indicator may remain on until the car is driven a short distance.

If your tire pressure is low, or you have questions or concerns about how your tire pressure monitoring sensor operates, do not hesitate to contact the Service Department here at Bustard Chrysler in Listowel!

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