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Suspension, Shocks & Struts

Suspension, Shocks and Struts in Listowel, Ontario

Your car's suspension is an extremely critical component, ensuring a smooth and compliant ride by controlling the vertical motion endured when passing over bumps. The suspension system also is critical in terms of handling as it is the primary control mechanism in braking, cornering and acceleration, where it allows a safe amount of lean or body-roll.

Components of the suspension system include:

1. Control Arms

2. Ball Joints

3. Springs

4. Shock Absorbers

5. Struts

The estimated life of a shock or strut is approximately 80,000 kms. Your shocks work in tandem with leaf springs to minimize the severity and harshness of the road. If you have a vehicle that has traveled over 80,000 kms, it might be time to replace these integral suspension components. Dipping over bumps, excessive body-roll, uneven tire wear, "nose-diving" while braking are some of the sings that the shocks and struts are in need of replacement. Replacing these vital pieces of your cars suspension can greatly enhance the driving experience by reducing braking distances, increasing comfort and enhanced handling.

Warning Signs

If your car is exhibiting any of the following, be sure to Book your Appointment with the Bustard Listowel Service Department!
    • Excessive tire bounce
    • Poor tire-to-road contact
    • Premature tire wear
    • Reduced handling and braking performance
    • Reduced suspension control
    • Increased wear on other suspension components
    • Noise and suspension vibration
    • Leaking Oil
    • Binding or seized
    • Piston on gas-charged shock or strut does not extend itself
    • Broken, damaged or missing mounting hardware
    • Punctured shock or strut housing/body
    • Dents in the shock or strut housing/body which may restrict suspension movement

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Suspension, Shocks and Struts in Listowel, Ontario

Fine Tune Your Suspension System

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