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Oil Changes

Engine oil serves many purposes in your car's engine. It lubricates moving parts, dampens noise, dissipates heat and serves as a diagnostic tool for detecting problems. Clean engine oil ensures that your vehicle's engine is not exposed to various impurities by picking up dirt, carbon and metal particles while minimizing the buildup of sludge.

When all of these are gathered, they are then passed through a filter which traps most of the impurities, until the point the filter needs changing. Engine oil also helps reduce friction, which can prolong the life of the engine and ultimately your car. The friction among engine parts is also reduced and dissipated by oil, which first carries it to the oil pan, then recirculates it thereby bringing down the temperature.

How frequently oil should be changed, depends on a few factors:

1. The mileage on the engine: Higher mileage vehicles should get oil changes done more frequently.

2. Type of driving: Stop and Go driving is much more stressful on the engine as opposed to highway driving. If your vehicle is driven in the city a lot, then the oil should be changed more frequently.

3. Towing: If your vehicle is used for towing, oil changes should be conducted more frequently.

Importance of Upgrading to Synthetic Oil

Conventional lubricants are made from crude oil which is extracted from the ground and refined to remove impurities. It is then blended with other chemicals before it is becomes the final product that you put into your vehicle. But, no matter what you do, conventional oil does have some level of insoluble and natural contaminants which can ultimately form deposits on your engine.

In comparison, synthetic oils are usually manmade (though some are derived from natural gas or alcohol). The benefit is that they are pure from the get-go and contain no undesirable contaminants, and are more stable and resilient to temperature changes! And better yet, synthetic oil can save you money by improving overall fuel economy!

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Oil Change Bustard Listowel Ontario

Oil Change in Listowel, Ontario

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